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I use this blog as an outlet to write about things related to design, motherhood, wellness and travel.
Hi, I'm Katelyn.

Upon arriving in Good Samaritan, Devin and I parked, walked into the hospital and rode the elevator up to the 6th floor in silence. We checked in and Devin was told to wait in the waiting room until I got checked in. I was taken to my room and told to undress, put on a robe, slippers, and was given a bag for my clothes. I got settled in and waited for the nurse. A young girl walked in and was immediately warming to me. She asked me a TON of questions and in true Katelyn fashion, I got to know her and we also connected. I told more info than needed to help her gain a better picture of my pregnancy, and life in general. Her name was Meghan and we went on to become good friends. She was able to cater my care specifically to me and I couldn’t have asked for a better person by my side to admit me and be there during my first 5 hours. She was truly sent to me. 

Not a bad view, huh? Good Samaritan hospital is located in West Islip, New York (fun fact was: I was born there too) and the view of Robert Moses Bridge is incredible. Right by the water. Very fitting for us.

Once I was checked in, Devin was allowed in the room with me and it all began. I met with the doctor on call and the resident to go over our plan of action. Nothing invasive was to be done since we essentially had all the time in the world and could not harm baby in any way. The doctor informed me it could be a long while before he got here. On Monday she gave me a heads up that probably as long as tomorrow afternoon. I’m so glad she did … she was only 24 hours off. The asked to do a sono to see baby’s position, which of course I agreed. Dylan was breech. Not such good luck for us. Breech means heads up so as my cervix would start to soften we would be at a disadvantage since his head and gravity would not be working in Mommy’s favor. Of course. They started me on Cytotec to induce contractions. Normally inserted vaginally they made me take my early doses by mouth. I had to let them dissolve for 15 minutes either in my cheek or under my tongue. (note: After going through the birth I’d rather have heavy contractions than have to take that stuff in my mouth again – it was so foul tasting and coupled with the uncomfortable texture was beyond terrible. I just wasn’t a fan.)

As night fell the nurses changed and we started to get a sense of “hospital life”. 7PM – 7AM was their shifts so if baby didn’t come that would mean I would have a new nurse to get used to and to know. It was important for us to know these people since this was such a monumental and heartbreaking moment in our lives. Literally every single nurse was amazing in her own way and so insanely kind. My nurse woke me up (but I wasn’t sleeping mind you) every 2 hours that night to administer my Cytotec and make sure I let it dissolve.

By early morning I was beyond starving. I had only eaten a small peach on my way to the doctors office on Monday and after the news, although instructed to eat, I had a few bites of an apple but was mainly to nauseated at the news of losing my little boy to think of food. My nurse asked and got permission for me to have a little food. She brought me a yogurt that she found and I was so grateful to have something other than Cytotec and water it didn’t matter what it was. The night before was rough. I was experiencing contractions for the first time but they were a slow roll. They kept asking me if I wanted pain medicine but I like to be in tune with my body and know what’s going on. That morning I asked for some Tylenol because I really just wanted to be able to relax and sleep since that wasn’t an option with a pain level of 2-3. 

Tuesday morning was a blur until I met Dr. S. My savior. A women that throws passion and understanding into everything she does as well as being insanely smart and talented. Someone sent her to me. We devised a plan of action for later in that day if no progress was made to insert a ballon into my cervix to simulate his head … cranking it every half hour to increase the pressure and help me dilate. She self dilated me after the Cytotec had softened me a little bit) to 1cm but encouraged me to get an epidural for the procedure, so later that afternoon we went for it. 

To be continued …

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Hi, I'm Katelyn Gambler

I craft and clarify brands for intentional, forward-thinking entrepreneurs looking to evolve.

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