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Plant-Based Juniors

Refresh the Plant-Based Juniors brand and develop a sub brand that educates parents and health professionals on evidence-based pediatric nutrition.


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Whitney English, Alexandra Caspero, and Dr. Reshma Shah came to me wanting to speak to two different audiences (parents & caregivers) and educated health professionals (registered dietitians & pediatricians) while also wanting to provide many different services (ranging from free resources, to paid ebooks and courses) in addition to building and maintaining brand integrity and recognition over time. How do they position themselves to two completely different demographics while seeming like one entity? 

The problem I set out to solve:

Through client calls, strategy sessions and market research, I identified that the client already had an existing brand that we needed to honor and uphold while also meeting the needs of the clients wanting to update, refresh, evolve and expand the brand. Because they were already speaking to an existing demographic (parents and caregivers) we needed to tread lightly and not (visually) overhaul the entire brand completely but ADD on an additional component, the Learning Center, as a new and separate entity where existing users and readers and brand loyalists can go to learn while also attracting a new set of users (health professionals). And in the process update and evolve the Plant-Based Juniors brand.

How I identified the problem:

By retaining some of their existing colors and elements from their old branding but refining them and creating new and improved elements, the new addition of the Learning Center felt intentional and cohesive creating a unified but separate user experience. Defining the “parent” brand as Plant-Based Juniors and the Learning Center as a sub-brand, we were able to visually cater to a more professional demographic in need of an advanced level of technical learning while still feeling accessible and understandable to the current audience.

Finding ways to solve the problem:

I developed branding that took Plant-Based Juniors to the next level by defining a typographic family that was flexible enough for both the parent brand and the Learning Center and a color palette that had some common core colors that worked well together yet apart to help distinguish them both. This helped to convey trust and authority for the Learning Center while still feeling inviting and joyful for the Plant-Based Juniors parent brand.

How I developed the solution:

Designing a completely custom Wordpress website with Gutenberg blocks allowed the client to be able to edit (ability to switch colors and layouts), add, remove, and create sales pages, specific call to actions, and promote various products on one site from their backend helped distinguish the educational platform vs. the overarching brand and achieve their business goals. 

How I executed the delivery:

Having worked with Katelyn on several projects, I can confidently say that she is really the best to work with when it comes to establishing your brand.

— Alex Caspero, Delish Knowledge and Plant-Based Juniors 

From creating memorable logos to beautiful, user-friendly website layouts, Katelyn is incredible. Additionally, Katelyn helped us refine our vision and provided valuable insights into our ideal customer, going above and beyond what we hired her for. She really "gets it" – highly, highly recommend.

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