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I craft and clarify brands for intentional, forward-thinking entrepreneurs looking to evolve.










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Katelyn Gambler is a brand and web designer based in New York

 I help craft, clarify, and evolve brands.

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Born and raised in
New York, I am a big fan of understated luxury, casual elegance, and that curated cool factor that some have and others don’t.

I am a classically trained, multi-disciplinary designer overly obsessed with aesthetics and well designed experiences. I love quality over quantity, attention to detail and have over a decade of combined industry and professional experience in the luxury, fashion, wellness, beauty, food, health, fitness and retail spaces. 

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Branding  /  Web Design  /  Art Direction  /  Creative Direction

I help clients use intentional design to grow and thrive. Sure, I went to art school but my signature style is the style that's best for your brand. With an affinity for solving complex problems with simple solutions, I love to develop concepts and strategies that are thoughtful, unique, and timeless. 

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Katelyn has re-designed Big Blonde Hair twice for me, and her ability to design a top tier site both visually and functionally is really next level. As a fashion site our goal is to drive clicks and sales, but look good while doing it. And thanks to Katelyn's unmatched ability to combine fashion and function (something I consider to be almost impossible!) we have a website that does both. Her process and ability to design a site and logo that I loved without me even really knowing what I wanted was really amazing. 7 years ago she took really amateur looking site design and logo and made them look truly professional. 

I really consider her designs something that have not only helped from a visual standpoint but as something that has impacted our bottom line in terms of sales. Katelyn is a designer who also understands business and driving clicks which I believe is hard to find. I highly recommend working with her, you'll get the investment back many times over. On top of it all, she's truly great to work with! 

— Lauren Sebastian, Big Blonde Hair

Working with Katelyn was a dream come true! She's a pleasure to work with and has an amazing eye for design while taking every detail of your wishlist into account. My advice is to give her all the nitty-gritty details, and let her work her magic on the design without guiding too much – she'll come up with something even better than your Pinterest board.I've never loved my site so much and have been through quite a few iterations over the years.

The process was very smooth, with clear and consistent communication (follow-ups, status updates, questions, etc.). I always knew what was going on and where we were in the process which made me feel confident, especially since custom designs always take time. I really appreciate her amazing ideas and all the love and attention she gave me and my brand. I could go on and on... but in short, would highly recommend Katelyn to anyone for her stellar, outstanding work and exceptional client service!

— Alison Maras, Food by Mars

I love the new World of Vegan site, I'm so happy with how it all came together. Our WorldofVegan.com website traffic more than doubled within 3 months, and our site is now much faster, better optimized, and a way better experience for readers.

And our Core Web Vitals are now all in the green! I'm grateful that you guided us toward an aesthetic that feels timeless and that you helped create a framework that we can easily continue building on for years to come. The increased website traffic has enabled us to grow our team, improve our content, and more importantly better serve the community with helpful and easy-to-navigate vegan resources, which is at the core of our mission to create a kinder world! Thank you! 

— Michelle Chen, World of Vegan

I had the pleasure of working with Katelyn on a redesign of my website and I could not be more pleased. From conception until completion, Katelyn was the consummate professional. At the start of the project, Katelyn did an in-depth review of my business, goals and aspirations as well as thorough industry and competitive research to understand the landscape. From here, she ran with the project, making it a simple and efficient process for me.

Most importantly she did more than simply design, helping me with SEO maximization, client experience and pushing back when she felt we were going off strategy. Her business acumen, strong eye for design and mad website skills resulted in not just a gorgeous site, but one that aligns with my target market and strategic goals. Well done Katelyn and thank you!

— Tonya Passarelli, T.Florals

Having worked with Katelyn on several projects, I can confidently say that she is really the best to work with when it comes to establishing your brand.

— Alex Caspero, Delish Knowledge and Plant-Based Juniors 

From creating memorable logos to beautiful, user-friendly website layouts, Katelyn is incredible. Additionally, Katelyn helped us refine our vision and provided valuable insights into our ideal customer, going above and beyond what we hired her for. She really "gets it" – highly, highly recommend.

Katelyn is a gem! From the first contact with her, you know that you’re in good hands. She has the perfect mixture of professionalism and warmth. Her process for designing a website is seamless and clear. Every step of the way you feel supported and excited about what is unfolding. Her standards and integrity are impeccable and her advice is always spot on.

 Katelyn is very creative and has the ability to transform your limited vision into something that exceeds your wildest expectations. Her work blew me away! She knew what I wanted before I did and made it come to life. I look forward to working with her on more projects in the future.

— Anna Kress, Dr. Anna Kress

Working with Katelyn was one of the best business decisions I have EVER made! She completely transformed my business brand and my website design and took it to a level that was far beyond what I had even dreamed of. The client homework she made me do actually helped me way more personally than I thought it would and everything she created was so perfectly suited to my true style. I genuinely trust her with any design that she creates for my brand now.  

I can’t wait to work with her on even more future projects. The specific, targeted and beautifully minimalist approach that she took towards my brand really helped me to narrow in on my brand’s niche. What makes it even better is that she’s a total breeze to work with! She takes professionalism to new heights and no matter what always puts your business’ importance first. Thank you for such a fantastic job!

— Jessica Hylton-Leckie, Jessica In The Kitchen

Work with Katelyn is always a fun and creative experience. She listens to all of our wants and needs no matter the project, and presents us with collateral that is unique, refined and very on brand to who we are. Katelyn is a delight to work with and always inspires us with great tips to keep on hand for the future.

— Alexandra Toccin, Toccin