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Bow & Brooklyn

Craft a narrative to sell fine jewelry to a younger demographic. For the girl who wants to live in her pieces and even pass them down for generations to come.



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Five years into our client/designer relationship, after designing two brands and three websites for Courtney Shields, she approached me with a long-time dream of hers to create a fine jewelry line inspired by her mother and late father. The problem was she did not want to just create any old jewelry, she wanted it to be fine jewelry. How does she sell a product with a higher price point to younger demographic?

The problem I set out to solve:

We identified that we needed to create a narrative that expressed that these pieces were timeless investments meant to be passed down generations. Each piece was designed by Courtney and handmade with precision and attention to detail (actually the same factory as Tiffany & Co. jewelry).

How I identified the problem:

Inspired by the concept of heirlooms, I crafted the narrative of ‘Jewelry that feeds your soul’. Pieces that told a story over and over. That made you feel good. I developed the tagline “You are fine.” It not only told the story of the quality of the fine jewelry pieces but also made the consumer feel they are worthy and beautiful enough to aspire to purchase these timeless heirlooms. 

Finding ways to solve the problem:

Developing custom handmade elements including a custom ampersand and "B" brand mark helped infuse the concept of craftsmanship. Knowing future applications of the brand mark would be on pieces of jewelry, it was imperative the solution was able to fit in small spaces. I was able to position the & on it's side to create the effect that it was a bow to symbolize both Bow & Brooklyn. A soft palette and a high-end and classic serif typography rounded out the brand identity. 

How I developed the solution:

Once the branding was established I set forth to create other elements of the brand identity including a custom e-commerce website where consumers can shop Courtney's jewelry, packaging design for the pieces, a PR box for marketing the launch, art direction for new collection photoshoots, and on-going email designs marketing new pieces, promotions, back-in-stock alerts, etc.

How I executed the delivery:

From conception until completion, Katelyn was the consummate professional.

Tonya Passarelli,

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