Bow & Brooklyn

Bow & Brooklyn fine jewelry by Courtney Shields was such a special project to work on. I was pregnant with my rainbow baby. She had another name for the brand but as we got further in the project ran into some trademark issues. When Courtney told me she was tossing around another name inspired by her late father, I spilled the beans on what I was going to name my daughter and we knew it was the perfect fit. We crafted the narrative that it was 'jewelry that feeds your soul'. And to always remember, 'you are fine'.


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custom site design
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project date: 2020

PantoneĀ® Mauve Earth

Creating the brand mark was such a beautiful process. Being that the name had two B's I wanted to take advantage of that fact and simplify it to just one. Knowing the future applications of this mark would potentially be on pieces of jewelry and it needed to hold up very small, it was imperative I come up with a solution that was able to fit in small spaces and still make a memorable impact. With the addition of the ampersand I was able to position it on it's side to create the effect that it was a bow for Bow & Brooklyn.

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