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An Indigo Day

Rename and re-brand a fashion & lifestyle blog with a loyal following to reflect a new mission statement and business goals.



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Jessica Camerata had a loyal following and many years of business under her belt. Problem was her business name did not match her mission anymore. How do we re-brand and rename at the same time and not lose brand loyalty?

The problem I set out to solve:

Successfully developing a career out of writing about everyday style trends and how to effortlessly dress, Jessica wanted a name that reflected more than just style. Aiming to bring practical tips to your everyday life we needed to create something that was practical, simple, and stood the test of time.

How I identified the problem:

By retaining some existing elements from her old branding we were able to maintain some continuity in the rebrand. I made sure to choose typography that was clean, easy to read and worked seamlessly to elevate what we wanted to keep while visually conveying the concept of clean, modern, and casual.

Finding ways to solve the problem:

Inspired by the color indigo and the casual elegance of the modern day street style staple that is denim we settled on a not-so-obvious shade of our own “indigo” paired with practical, relatable, and neutral typography.

How I developed the solution:

To emphasize the concept of elevating everyday I designed a 5-day post overview above the fold to highlight the most recent “days”. Other custom design elements included unique footers to highlight “similar days” (or categories), and special custom category page templates designed with the ability to manually add curated content and create unique landing pages for partnerships, holidays, seasons, topics, etc.

How I executed the delivery:

Her work blew me away! She knew what I wanted before I did and made it come to life.

Anna Kress,
Dr. Anna Kress

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