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Ambitious Kitchen

Re-design a brand with a personality that is bold and fun but has the ability to maintain longevity and flexibility to go from the online world to the physical world.



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Monique Volz approached me to refresh her brand and redesign her blog to take her into the next phase and evolution Ambitious Kitchen. Her site was problematic as it wasn’t visually conveying the mission of the brand which was to provide recipes as well as inspiration to create a wholesome, balanced and mindful approach to food, health and life. And secondly it was not showcasing the myriad of content it contained.

The problem I set out to solve:

We identified that in the next 5 years the brand would be growing exponentially and extending from the kitchen into the whole home. The brand needed to be viewed as a food & lifestyle resource and be able to easily transition or work as a brand that held more than just recipes but physical products as well ranging from vintage rugs, antiques, homewares and books.

How I identified the problem:

The solution was a complete re-brand of the Ambitious Kitchen logo and brand identity to accommodate the addition of the Ambitious Home sub brand (a vintage rug, antique art, and homewares shop) as well as garner more authority in the food & lifestyle community to build up a solid reputation to one day crossover into the tangible print world and develop an Ambitious Kitchen Cookbook.

Finding ways to solve the problem:

We developed a creative, clean and intelligent logo and brand identity that conveyed Monique’s bold personality while still playful and professional. We carried that typographic family over to her sub brand by utilizing the typography in the opposite way to convey more of a home, editorial and lifestyle feel. Four years later and it still feels like your stylish cool friend that you go-to for advice in and out of the kitchen.

How I developed the solution:

Designing a completely custom Wordpress site that acted as a showpiece for Monique’s recipes and content creation while still allowing her readers to explore as they wish. We focused on being mindful of dietary restrictions and creating a backend categorization and index that allowed complete and total control over how the recipes and content was searched on the site. Focusing on usability and user experience from Monique’s six years in the industry we were armed with what her readers wanted, searched for, and liked. Specialized category pages are able to be created for meal type, diet type, cooking methods, favorites, roundups, etc. 

How I executed the delivery:

From creating memorable logos to beautiful, user-friendly websites, Katelyn is incredible.

Alex Caspero,
Delish Knowledge

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Creating a unique and long-lasting brand identity to achieve long term business goals and cross-over from the digital realm into the physical world.

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